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Welcome to Magic MindSet Hypnosis LLC

My name is Stephen Christopher and I’ve been a Hypnotist for over 10 years.

Over the years I’ve Hypnotized THOUSANDS of people in my stage shows and seminars and have helped many people create amazing positive changes in their personal lives in a just matter of MINUTES.

Yes, I started out as a Stage Hypnotist and grown to become one of the busiest, most sought after stage hypnotist in the Northeast.

After many years of traveling to shows and seminars and meeting with clients we are excited to open our new office and “home base” for private and group sessions in Bethlehem, Pa. an easy commute from NYC , NJ or Phila.

Everyone is different so I offer various methods of working together.

I can travel to you or we can work together online via SKYPE. I have audio programs you can purchase to work with at your own leisure or we have available private one-on-one sessions and group sessions at our office.


If you are stuck in a rut and feeling as though you cannot control some bad behaviors or attitudes then you are already practicing Hypnosis … I’m just going to show you how to do it better.

Hypnosis is NOT “Mind Control” … Hypnosis is really about YOU “Taking Back Control” of the parts of your life where you feel you may have lost control.

Our Attitudes, Feelings and Behaviors can make our life miserable or lift us to a mindset and a life of Peace, Prosperity and Personal Power.

Hypnosis is REAL … Hypnosis is FUN … Hypnosis is EMPOWERING!

It has changed my life in many ways and in EVERY way,

If you are struggling with some negative or destructive thoughts, habits or behaviors I want to help you make those changes FAST and PERMANENTLY.

Things don’t have to be the way they currently are. There IS a better way and when YOU learn SELF-HYPNOSIS … your life will be forever changed almost like MAGIC!

CALL- 800-644-7497

Hypnosis CAN help.

What is your issue? 

-Stop Smoking

-Weight Loss


– Confidence

– Public Speaking

– Anxiety -Stress

-Sports Enhancement

-Remove Unwanred habits

– Relaxation

– Nail Biting

-Self Hypnosis

-Sleep Issues

Our office is conveniently located in beautiful downtown Bethlehem Pa. If you are traveling in for a couples program or weekend seminar there are plenty of hotels and restaurants nearby as well as the Sands Casino for entertainment.
Stephen is a Certified Hypnotist with The National Guild Of Hypnotists.

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