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What You'll Learn...

Here are just a few of the things you will learn in this short, clear and concise guide-book.. 

  • Pg. 16- How many sessions are needed for change?

  • Pg. 14- How to form hypnotic suggestion for weight loss.

  • Pg. 9- How does hypnosis work?

  • Pg. 20- How to create a Mind Movie for success.

  • Pg. 17- Must you go into TRANCE to achieve hypnotic results?

  • Pg. 4- What actually is Hypnosis???

  • Pg. 10- What does it FEEL like to be Hypnotized?

  • MUCH MORE packed into this EASY TO CONSUME guide.

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This guide book is meant for serious people. People who understand how precious TIME is ... how precious LIFE is. The small percentage of people who are ready and willing to put forth an effort to ACHIEVE their personal SUCCESS.

Are you ready? This guide-book is not just for reading. It is meant to put the techniques INTO ACTION. MOST people will not have gotten this far. They see these ideas and immediately say "oh, I've heard about this hypnosis stuff ... I know this stuff already".

NO ... you do NOT know something because you've "heard of it". I used to think I "KNEW".

SORRY, you do NOT "know" until you invest MONEY, TIME and ENERGY to DO THE THING. Only then, through EXPERIENCE will you "KNOW". 

I actually KNOW that this stuff WORKS! Time to PUT IT TO WORK for you.

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This kit will teach you how to use a "pendulum' to tap into your subconscious mind.

The kit includes a cool "key" pendulum but also teaches you how to make your own.

You will learn how to spark lost memories from the past end even find lost or misplaced items.

Understand your present situations by by looking deep within and even guide your future by focusing on and implanting suggestions into your own powerful mind. I sell these kits for $20 at my live events. FREE for you when you purchase the printed version of "Self-Hypnosis Hacks" Guidebook. 

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