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Yes … Love-Nosis.

Experience Hypnosis as a couple.

Of course, as a couple, if you share the desire to Stop Smoking or Lose Weight and Get Fit then why not do it together?

When working to make a positive change in attitude or behavior what could be a better motivator than having your partner in love as a support in your efforts.

So yes you can book programs together as a couple but BEYOND the usual Hypnosis topics I offer something quite UNIQUE.

Can Hypnosis help or enhance my love relationship?

What is your most valuable asset?

Is it your car? Your home? Your investments?

Is it your LOVE relationship?


Is your goal for your relationship a “Forever Love”?

Perhaps you just enjoy each other and desire to “hang out together” as long as things are good and if things “fade” then you can just “move on”. That’s a fine relationship to have and enjoy if you wish. For many people this is all that they hope for.

However, If your goal is a “Forever Love” it is going to take a “Forever Mindset”


LOVE does not come from the heart it comes from the MIND. The center of the soul.

Any fool can “fall” in love but FOREVER LOVE is not about falling, it is about creating and building a lasting legacy. This does not happen by “falling” … it does not happen by an accident.

To me, the “forever love” bond is the most valuable asset in life and the CENTER of love energy that flows out to children, family, society and the WORLD. It radiates far beyond just two people. The LOVE BOND of two people affects children, family, society and the world so there is great responsibilty to get it right.

Perhaps we didn’t get it right in the past … we messed up. So what! That’s the past and we cannot change it. But every new day is a chance to start again. Just because a past relationship did not turn out to be a “forever love” does not mean that a NEW relationship cannot become a “forever love”.

How can Hypnosis help?

There are so many stress factors, obstacles and distractions that can cause breaks in the “Love Bond”.
Hypnosis can, first of all, REDUCE STRESS and help to create that Mindset of Peace so you can put things in proper perspective.

Hypnosis can UNLEASH THE IMAGINATION … ENHACE CREATIVITY and allow for more PASSION. When we rid ourselves of inhibitions we can openly share our desires as well as our fears, hopes and dreams.

My “LOVE-NOSIS” programs are designed to help couples break through any barriers of beliefs and attitudes that may be holding them back from moving on to that level of “Forever Love”.

This year I celebrate 3 ¬†years presenting my weekly shows and “Love-Nosis” programs at “Cove Haven” Couples Resort in the Poconos Pa. Celebrating and sharing the Mindset of “Forever Love”.

This year I celebrate 10 years as a Hypnotist.

This year I celebrate 30 years married to my amazing wife Cathi.

“Love-Nosis” has worked for me and many others.

Start each day with a cup of Magic Love-Nosis Mindset.

Would you like to experience “LOVE-NOSIS”?

Please email me for more info about this Powerful, Passion-filled, Program.