You may have wondered if you are hypnotizable. I often have people say that they don’t think they can be hypnotized because they have a “strong will” or they “have a hard time relaxing”.

Actually everyone of average intelligence is hypnotizable.

Understand, first of all, hypnosis is a natural state of focus that we go into every day … several times a day.

I like to call the state simply “THE ZONE”. It is the natural state of relaxed focus where I mind is open to learning and change

Achieving a state of hypnosis is something that you can learn.

So … Are YOU Hypnotizable?

Please take a moment to really think about and answer YES or NO these questions….

1. Are you able to follow simple instructions?

2. Do you ever daydream?

3. Can you imagine the sound of a fire engine?

4. Have you ever been so intently involved in an activity that time seemed to pass rather quickly.

5. Do you believe Hypnosis can be of help to you?

6. Are you willing to accept new ideas for change?

7. Are you able to meditate or pray?

8. Are you able to sometimes awaken from sleep to get a drink of water or use bathroom and then go right back to sleep?

9. Have you ever been so caught up in reading a good book that you couldn’t put it down?

10.  have you ever heard a song or experienced a scent that brought you right back to a place or time that you                could vividly remember?

11. Do you have a strong belef sytem?

12. Do you shudder at the thought of someone scratching their fingernails down a chalkboard?

13. Does your mouth water or cringe when you think about biting into a fresh, juicy, sour lemon?

14. Have you ever impulsively purchased a bag of popcorn, cotton candy or cinnamon roll because of the aroma in            the air?

15. Do you have a vivid imagination?

16. Can you envision yourself on a vacation destination or succeeding at some activity?

If you answered YES to most of these questions then Congratulations!

You are definitely Hypnotizable.


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